With an idea of providing quality sporting products, Soccer Guru was opened in 1987. Though changing its name once, Soccer Guru was the first soccer shop in San Antonio and it is the longest in existence under one family. Its location has always been and is in the northwestern area of town in a convenient location with quality equipment at convenient prices that are sure to satisfy customers.

Founder "Mr. Guru"

Having over 40 years of soccer experience, all rooting back to my childhood, I played barefooted and unorganized without a coach at the age of six. My friends and I played football (soccer) the best way we could. Playing soccer against neighboring streets was my passion growing up. In secondary school, I was a member of the first eleven team. I went on to play for my college as extra curriculum. Today, I still play soccer. I play in an adult league, S.A.S.A (San Antonio Soccer Association). I am also a licensed coach. I have been coaching for 40 years and 25 of those years were for the league I currently coach for when it was called Northwest Youth Soccer League in San Antonio, now it is called A.C.Y.S.O (Alamo City Youth Soccer Organization). Advancing teams to playoffs at a 90% rate,  over 8 championships (4 with S.T.Y.S.A, Mission city, Cobras, and A.C.Y.S.O.) have been one as a player and a coach. I coach my children and others at both recreational and competitive levels.